The Full Circle Enterprises Organization is led by Executive Director, Debby Davis.  Debby began her Tupperware career in 1978, taking advantage of the Tupperware opportunity simply to earn some extra money for Christmas.  She and her family lived in Hillsborough, NC and she was affiliated with the Tupperware Team based in Raleigh, NC.  In the spring of 1979, she attended a regional convention and the bigger picture became a clear vision.  In July 1979, she earned the position of Tupperware Manager.  Over the course of the next fifteen years, she built her team to be among the top in her region and the nation.  In December, 1995, she and her husband were asked to become franchise owners for the eastern North Carolina area.  They relocated their home to Greenville, NC and built their team known as Eastwind Sales.  Eastwind became one of the fastest growing teams in the United States.  In 1996, they were recognized as the #1 team in the nation for promoting new managers based on percentage.  In 2000, they were recognized for being in the Top 50 teams in the entire world for sales growth.  After the passing of her husband in 2001, Debby continued to lead the team of Eastwind Sales.  In the year 2004, Tupperware offered her the opportunity to return to Raleigh, NC to lead a new team.  This, of course, was very exciting because of the opportunity to come back to her home area.  However, the Eastwind team had a special place in her heart.  After sharing her desires to combine the two teams, Tupperware agreed and a new team was formed.  Thus the name, Full Circle Enterprises, was born.  It was only appropriate for several reasons.  One of which was the fact that Debby had come full circle by coming back to Raleigh and second, because the circle was full of all of the team members that were so much a part of her heart.

Today, Full Circle is one of the top teams in the nation. Most recently, Full Circle received recognition for being #1 in the World for percent growth during 2006 - 2007.   We are very proud of our  Director teams that are a big part of the growth and development of our team members.

Our directors are:              

              Director - Martha Spink

              Director - Sheila Tolbert
              Director - Treva Harris
              Director - Kathy Behringer